Version v0.15 – Release

Windows download:

v0.15 has a slew of new features, among them seasonal changes (ice!), battlements, new invader ai, stat tracking and exotic immigrants. Also old features were balanced and bugs squashed.

Version 0.15 also has a rewritten multithreaded pathfinder that should eliminate most of the crashes that were present in earlier versions.


  • Battlements allow your orcs to fire over walls with their bows
  • Rain
  • Winter – The ground gets covered with snow and the river freezes over
  • Terrain overlay, press ‘t’ to view only the terrain + creatures
  • Immigrant creatures. Trolls are the only immigrants right now, but more can easily be modded in.
  • River width and depth configurable in
  • Performance optimizations
  • Many tileset renderer improvements both in performance and features (you can find the translucent ui option in the settings menu)
  • Statistics are now gathered (production, death, filth generated) and points are calculated from it.
  • Items flow downstream
  • Rewrite of the pathfinder in terms of threadsafety. Should eliminate most if not all crashes.
  • Autosaves
  • Keyboard cursor movement was finally fixed. You can use the numberpad instead of the mouse if you want to.
  • UI has been improved, scroll bars are better and the menu disappears when you make a choice, though it leaves your choice visible as a tooltip.
  • Water can be barreled and is now required for several products.
  • Creatures avoid fire better.
  • Wind now behaves more realistically, and instead of being completely random will only shift a set amount   from the prevailing direction. This allows better planning against total death by fire.
  • The river is now generated slightly smarter, and filling tiles with earth should work more as expected.
  • Save compression, saves a lot of space and isn’t very notable speed-wise.
  • Improved tutorial
  • Setting to pause on danger (attack or fire)
  • Goblins will now dump surplus items into the spawning pool, handily eliminating the problem of accumulating a big pile of wooden clubs from kobold attacks.
  • Goblins douse flames automatically, though you can still order more goblins + orcs to help out if you want to concentrate the effort somewhere.