I’m fed up with stockpiles. Stockpiles are rectangular, neat, well-defined, require micromanagement to use well, all in all very un-orcy.

My solution is to throw the symmetry away and just keep the pile. Forget about setting how many containers a stockpile is going to contain (what the hell was I thinking), if it’s going to take those seeds but not these, and all that stuff.



The way piles work is that you simply place one where you want stuff to be piled at. Goblins then figure out the specifics themselves. They’ll put things in the nearest pile, and keep expanding a pile as long as it’s possible. They’ll transfer containers between piles depending on where they’re needed the most.

You’ll be able to make them all clean and nice looking by walling them in with other constructions, but the point here will be that maintaining straight lines and order will require more work than allowing for a more organic camp structure. Piles will significantly deter movement though, so you will have a definite motivation to build more than one gigantic one. It’ll now really make sense to build duckboards to the centers of piles to optimize goblin movement speed.