So what’s Goblin Camp supposed t’ be? Shiver me timbers!

There be a lot o’ speculation about what me aims be exactly with Goblin Camp, so I’ll try ‘n explain things ‘ere. Avast, ye scurvy dog!

I’ve played roguelikes for a long time, ‘n as a kid I used t’ draw cities usin’ ASCII back when PC’s still used DOS. In addition t’ roguelikes, I’ve always been a fan o’ ye Civilization series, Dungeon Keeper ‘n more recently Anno 1404. When Dwarf Fortress came along I were really excited, it seemed t’ combine ye genres that I’ve always liked. Yarr! Which I were content with DF for a long time, but then I got t’ thinkin’ o’ all ye things I’d like t’ see done with ye genre (genre bein’ roguelike citybuilder, I suppose. Who cares what it be called). So I ‘ad 3 choices:

Send Toady me suggestions ‘n hope ‘e does things ye way I’d like

Hope someone else makes a game just ye way I’d like

Do it meself

Avast! I be a bit impatient, so ye obvious choice were t’ do it meself, so ‘ere I be.

Arrr! I want t’ stress that I be not settin’ out t’ make a Dwarf Fortress clone, it wouldn’t make much sense really. Arrr! I be makin’ a game that be inspired by Dwarf Fortress, ‘n there will be certain similarities. Avast, ye scurvy dog! Usin’ similar indicators for things like stockpiles ‘n creatures ‘n such that be used in DF, Nethack ‘n so forth be a conscious design choice t’ make gettin’ into ye game easy for people already familiar with DF, or roguelikes in general. Yar!

Goblin Camp be goin’ t’ be more about ye broader decisions, ‘n less about micromanagement. Ye’ll steer yer economy by setting minimum production values, ‘n organizin’ yer workshops ‘n stockpiles t’ ensure efficient haulin’. What ye won’t care about be who ye individual workers be, or who’s assigned t’ what workshop. Orcs will gain skill in their chosen profession, but assignin’ jobs t’ ye best workers be left t’ ye game. Ye ye player will want t’ organize yer defences ‘n military in such a way as t’ keep yer workin’ class alive, because ye longer they work ye better they get. Constant bloodbaths at yer workshops will mean that ye’ll always ‘ave unskilled labor. Avast, ye scurvy dog!

This leads t’ an important point, orcs ‘n goblins (especially goblins) be expendable. An ordinary orcs life be short ‘n brutal, only a select few will survive long enough t’ become notable individuals.

Ahoy! I’ll expand on all that later, I don’t want this post t’ stretch too long. As a partin’ point I want t’ brin’ up another big factor in ye development o’ Goblin Camp: Feedback. Which I want t’ hear all yer suggestions, ideas ‘n critique. I be not makin’ Goblin Camp just for meself, but for everyone else as well, ‘n as such everyone’s comments be important. Also, Goblin Camp will be open sourced after ye 0. 1 release, ‘n contributions t’ ye code be encouraged.