Planned release date: Summer Late 2011


  • Revamped stockpile system
  • New vegetation generation algorithm to make better maps with more varied plantlife
  • A lot of tweaking of existing mechanics to make them play better together
  • Bug fixes, lots and lots of small stuff


Planned release date: March / April


  • Weather (rain, snow, lightning, freezing water, …)
  • Battlements
  • AI motivations (instead of just killing things randomly and sticking around, monsters might want to just destroy half your camp and leave)
  • Autosaving
  • Highscores


Planned release date: February


  • Fire
  • Tilesupport
  • Wind
  • Personality traits


Planned release date: December


  • Bugfixes
  • Improved map generation
  • Ditch/moat digging
  • Bridges
  • Improved spawning pool
  • Settlement tiers
  • Tools and tool requirements for jobs
  • Totem pole


Planned release date: August / Early September


  • Bugfixes
  • Armor
  • Ranged weapons

Ranged weapons will actually be a major addition. I’ll implement a system to allow items and creatures to have velocity. In addition to allowing arrows to be fired from bows, it’ll make it possible for creatures to be flung through the air and debris to fly outward after a catapult stone destroys a wall. Should make for cooler fights, as well as allow siege weapons. Can’t promise that siege weapons will make it into v0.12, but at least the system will be in place.


Planned release date: 31st July


  • Bugfixes
  • All data files converted to libtcod format.
  • Stone quarries
  • Weapons
  • Various small fixes and enhancements

v0.1 – Initial release

Planned release date: 14th July

The first release of Goblin Camp (v.0.1) is what I’ve managed in about 2 and a half months. I started out in May dabbling with pdcurses with Notepad++, and eventually realized that this is a project I should actually see through. I changed over to libtcod and Visual Studio 2010, as well as Mercurial as my source control system. So out of the 2½ months a good bit went into simply changing frameworks.

0.1 won’t include anywhere near everything that I want Goblin Camp to include, but this is an important release to get out soon. The source code will be opened simultaneously and anyone interested is more than welcome to contribute. My aim is to have most of the basics done for this release, so that building a small camp will be possible. Some monsters to fend off and such as well. After this release I will do my best to keep up a fast pace, and try to get new features out as quickly as I can.

Features to look forward to in 0.1:

Mouse driven interface – Build walls, workshops and stockpiles easily just by pointing and clicking with your mouse.

Automatic Stock Manager – Set the minimums for all your available products and the stock manager distributes jobs to workshops, goblins and orcs accordingly.

Roving bands of monsters – Watch out for hungry wolves with an eye on your food stockpile.

Extensibility – Constructions, wild plants, items and creatures are all defined in human-readable files for ease of modification.

I don’t want to talk about whether this is alpha or beta or what have you, because if I do start calling this one of those I’ll probably call it that forever. Instead I’ll just say that don’t be surprised if things are a bit rough in the first version.