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Version 0.21 – Release

Windows download: GoblinCamp021.zip

A bugfix release, with some fixes of my own but mostly fixes and improvements from contributors: a bunch of fixes from xkeitarox, a rendering patch from quantummy, some new content and improvements to the old stuff from giaotanj, and last but not least a new default tileset by SwarmOfBees!

Version 0.2 – Release

Windows download: GoblinCamp02.zip

Version 0.2 comes with a pretty major change to stockpiles. They are now called piles, and instead of having any categories that are (dis)allowed everything gets stored in them. Moving through them is slow, so it’s a good idea to make more than one of them. Containers will get moved from pile to pile depending on where they are needed the most, so all you need to do is create the containers and they’ll be automatically used.

Also introduced in this version is diseases, which will act as a natural limit to the size of your settlement unless you do something to counteract the diseases (alcohol works pretty good).


  • Piles replace Stockpiles. Everything is allowed and containers get automatically shuffled to where they are needed.
  • Diseases will weaken and eventually kill your population if you don’t do anything about a growing population.
  • Migratory animals will sometimes cross the map
  • The spawning pool expands and spreads corruption in a smoother way, it’s improved from the abrupt way it was before.
  • Cowardly creatures can now also panic if they encounter another panicking creature
  • Death messages have been improved to give a bit more information, and a bit of variety has been added to them as well.
  • Constructions strobe under the cursor now, to better visualize where one stops and another one begins.
  • Portable mode. Just create a file named goblin-camp.portable in the directory where GC is installed and it’ll store all the files it needs in a sub-directory in that folder, instead of in the operating system’s default folder.
  • Skeletons no longer bleed and other assorted bug fixes.

Reference Guide

In other cool news, there’s proper documentation for the game available now! A dapper fellow by the name of Michael Halila (with drawings by Niki) created a reference guide for Goblin Camp: gcguide015.pdf Technically it’s for v0.15, but the majority of it is relevant so it’s a good read if you want to know how things work.

Version v0.15 – Release

Windows download: GoblinCamp015.zip

v0.15 has a slew of new features, among them seasonal changes (ice!), battlements, new invader ai, stat tracking and exotic immigrants. Also old features were balanced and bugs squashed.

Version 0.15 also has a rewritten multithreaded pathfinder that should eliminate most of the crashes that were present in earlier versions.


  • Battlements allow your orcs to fire over walls with their bows
  • Rain
  • Winter – The ground gets covered with snow and the river freezes over
  • Terrain overlay, press ‘t’ to view only the terrain + creatures
  • Immigrant creatures. Trolls are the only immigrants right now, but more can easily be modded in.
  • River width and depth configurable in config.py
  • Performance optimizations
  • Many tileset renderer improvements both in performance and features (you can find the translucent ui option in the settings menu)
  • Statistics are now gathered (production, death, filth generated) and points are calculated from it.
  • Items flow downstream
  • Rewrite of the pathfinder in terms of threadsafety. Should eliminate most if not all crashes.
  • Autosaves
  • Keyboard cursor movement was finally fixed. You can use the numberpad instead of the mouse if you want to.
  • UI has been improved, scroll bars are better and the menu disappears when you make a choice, though it leaves your choice visible as a tooltip.
  • Water can be barreled and is now required for several products.
  • Creatures avoid fire better.
  • Wind now behaves more realistically, and instead of being completely random will only shift a set amount   from the prevailing direction. This allows better planning against total death by fire.
  • The river is now generated slightly smarter, and filling tiles with earth should work more as expected.
  • Save compression, saves a lot of space and isn’t very notable speed-wise.
  • Improved tutorial
  • Setting to pause on danger (attack or fire)
  • Goblins will now dump surplus items into the spawning pool, handily eliminating the problem of accumulating a big pile of wooden clubs from kobold attacks.
  • Goblins douse flames automatically, though you can still order more goblins + orcs to help out if you want to concentrate the effort somewhere.

Version v0.141 – Release

Windows download: GoblinCamp0141.zip

Version v0.141 fixes (hopefully) all of the crash bugs found in v0.14, as well as the content that was slightly off. Even though this is only a minor version number change the save game format was changed in a major enough way that backwards compatibility was broken. This is unfortunate, but the change allows future saves to handle .dat file changes gracefully, unlike before, and backwards save compatibility shouldn’t get broken as often.

Also I’ve given many creatures their own factions, so you won’t see bees, giants and wolves living in harmony anymore.

Another fairly major change was how mod information is loaded. Now creatures/items/construction/etc can be overwritten by mods just by defining an entity with the same name as an existing one.  No more mods that need to change core .dats!


  • Creatures items are now transferred to the player faction on death, so that you can stockpile the clubs kobolds drop for example
  • Content fixed
  • Dismantling related crashes fixed
  • Spawning pool dumping job priority bumped up a notch
  • Breastwork is no longer a wall, it is now a construction that simply slows down movement. It was dropped down a tier, made cheaper to build, and palisades were bumped up a tier.
  • Jobs are canceled more proactively now by npcs
  • Tweaked some messages
  • Disallowed digging ditches in rock
  • Camp tier can now decrease if your population falls dramatically enough
  • Creatures now have more varied factions resulting in more infighting between species
  • Mods allowed to overwrite existing data

Version v0.14 – Release

Windows download: GoblinCamp014.zip

[12.2 note: There was an typo in the original wildplants.dat that would cause a crash if you harvested wild dreamvine, it's fixed now. You can either redownload the game or just check the Goblin Camp/lib/gcamp_core/wildplants.dat line 254 to see if wild dreamvine has "Dreamvine shoot" or "Dreamvine seed" as a component. It should be seed]

Version 0.14 brings with it a lot of new things, but the two major ones are tilesupport and fire. You’ll find the changelog below, and I’d like to once again ask for the help of anyone willing to contribute tiles to the game. There’s still many things that could really use proper graphics.


  • Bugfixes, one which was an especially subtle one affecting only some mods on some computers.
  • Tilesupport! Long awaited, it’s now here. The tileset that comes with v0.14 has been gathered from the forums as well as crawl-tiles, but is lacking quite a few things, so help is really appreciated if anyone can contribute more tiles.
  • Fire. Imps throw fireballs and orcs can start fires themselves. Fire will burn through the forest pretty quickly and destroy all things flammable. It’s pretty great.
  • Wind. Wind direction will affect which way fire will spread, and which way smoke moves
  • Basic offensive spells have been added, and can be modded in pretty easily.
  • Buckets, which is an important change because goblins can now use them to douse flames if they get too close. Also dumping filth is done with buckets now instead of barrels.
  • Chimneys. Constructions which use fuel to produce their products, such as kitchens, will produce smoke as the orcs work and really add to the atmosphere. Mind you, working with fire always has its risks…
  • Slope is calculated for the entire map depending on the heightmap used to create it, which will make filth flow downwards. Most of the time this means that filth flows from your camp towards the river, but rocky outcroppings may cause it go elsewhere.
  • Rivers have a current, which can be observed when you have filth flowing into it. The filth will be taken by the current and move downriver, accumulating on the banks and eventually flowing offmap to be someone else’s problem
  • The game now tracks how many years have gone by in gametime
  • Stockpiles and farmplots can now be dismantled only partially, allowing you to use that and expansion to fine-tune them to just your liking
  • Constructions will be automatically repaired in the event that they get damaged by fighting or fire (constructions also display their condition in the sidebar now, like creatures)
  • Traits have been added. This is mostly just the framework for future things, but for now some goblins are born less prepared to meet fire, and orcs change appearance depending on if they’re fresh from the pool or if they’ve already seen some fighting.
  • A lot of new content has been added, many items, constructions, creatures and plants
  • You can now create poison antidotes, healing tonics and even chillwine to stave weariness off. Creatures will know to look for drinks and food to fix their ailments by themselves.
  • Having all your goblins and orcs die no longer throws you back into the menu straight away, you can opt to watch the carnage continue if you wish.
  • Weapons and tools now take damage as they are used, and will eventually break.
  • Creatures can be defined to spawn with equipment, so you can have elves attacked armed with bows and quivers full of arrows
  • The first trap has been added: the spiked pit. It’ll help greatly in defence, though your creatures can fall in too if they step too close, so think about where you place them.


Version v0.12 – Release

Finally, v0.12 is out! A lot of work has been done to improve things internally, and theres a bunch of new things for the player to see as well: Ranged weapons, armor, creatures getting flung about, that sort of thing.

Windows download: GoblinCamp012.zip


  • Added armor, it’ll help keep your orcs alive longer
  • River now looks more natural, no longer a straight line
  • Bog added for bog iron gathering (note: this is very much a work-in-progress, the risks aren’t there yet)
  • Tooltips are much more informative, for example stockpiles now show you their contents
  • Ranged weapons are in
  • Constructions get damaged by projectiles
  • Creatures fly if hit hard enough
  • Better mod support with ingame mod list
  • Animals with the anger attribute now properly anger
  • Items are stockpiled immediately after stockpile allowances are changed
  • Stockpiling items now chooses the closest stockpile
  • Constructions can be renamed
  • Settings and keybindings can be changed through an ingame menu
  • Creatures have learnt how to swim
  • Job assignments now consider distance from the npc to the job

[There was a bug with farms so I uploaded a new version. If you grabbed the .zip when I posted, you might have the old version.]

    Version v0.11 – Release

    Version v0.11 is here! Includes lots of small fixes and enhancements, and a few major additions. You can now craft weapons to make your orcs more effective fighters, mine stone from quarries, watch bees fly over your walls and poison your goblins, and spawn new recruits from the Spawning Pool.

    Short changelog:

    • All data files are in libtcod format now, instead of XML. Modding should be notably easier
    • Mods no longer need to modify the .dat files that come with GC, instead you can place them in their own folder under the ‘mods’ folder, and they’ll automatically be read in.
    • Fixed several bugs (walls display correctly now, for example)
    • No more random orc/goblin migrants
    • You can establish a spawning pool to spawn more recruits
    • Creatures have creature specific attacks, and can inflict other effects as well (a bee sting may poison your orcs)
    • Stone quarries can be dug out and will produce stone for you. Underground nasties may attack from within, so beware.
    • Constructions and areas can be designated by clicking and dragging, in addition to the original two-click method.
    • Flying monsters have been implemented, walls won’t keep out everything now!
    • Sleeping on the rough ground will have a detrimental effect, so now you have a reason to build beds
    • Constructions set to be dismantled display this fact as well
    • msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll are included in the .zip to make install easier.

    New constructions, creatures and items are included, many created by the community. A big thanks to everyone who’s contributed with mods and/or code!

    You can check out the changesets on bitbucket for a more detailed view of what’s changed and who’s done what.

    Windows: DOWNLOAD

    Edit: If Goblin Camp crashes on load, check that your old config.ini isn’t hanging around. It’ll cause a crash to desktop.

    I’ve also fixed a bug with scrolling the stock manager window and uploaded v0.111, so don’t be surprised at the new version number.

    Version 0.1 – Release

    0.1 is out!

    It has a working stock manager, basic combat, basic farming and such. Download it and test it out, and come over to the forums and voice your opinions!

    If you don’t have the Visual C++ 2010 Runtime installed already grab it from here: VC++ 2010 Runtime It’s a fairly small download (4.8mb) and it doesn’t require a restart to install or anything. Without it Goblin Camp will complain about msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll.

    A linux version will be up at some point in the future too.
    Goblin Camp can be built in linux: forum thread, it does take a bit of work though. No binary releases yet.

    Download link: GoblinCamp01.zip

    The source code is available over on bitbucket.