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Version v0.14 – Release

Windows download: GoblinCamp014.zip

[12.2 note: There was an typo in the original wildplants.dat that would cause a crash if you harvested wild dreamvine, it's fixed now. You can either redownload the game or just check the Goblin Camp/lib/gcamp_core/wildplants.dat line 254 to see if wild dreamvine has "Dreamvine shoot" or "Dreamvine seed" as a component. It should be seed]

Version 0.14 brings with it a lot of new things, but the two major ones areĀ tilesupport andĀ fire. You’ll find the changelog below, and I’d like to once again ask for the help of anyone willing to contribute tiles to the game. There’s still many things that could really use proper graphics.


  • Bugfixes, one which was an especially subtle one affecting only some mods on some computers.
  • Tilesupport! Long awaited, it’s now here. The tileset that comes with v0.14 has been gathered from the forums as well as crawl-tiles, but is lacking quite a few things, so help is really appreciated if anyone can contribute more tiles.
  • Fire. Imps throw fireballs and orcs can start fires themselves. Fire will burn through the forest pretty quickly and destroy all things flammable. It’s pretty great.
  • Wind. Wind direction will affect which way fire will spread, and which way smoke moves
  • Basic offensive spells have been added, and can be modded in pretty easily.
  • Buckets, which is an important change because goblins can now use them to douse flames if they get too close. Also dumping filth is done with buckets now instead of barrels.
  • Chimneys. Constructions which use fuel to produce their products, such as kitchens, will produce smoke as the orcs work and really add to the atmosphere. Mind you, working with fire always has its risks…
  • Slope is calculated for the entire map depending on the heightmap used to create it, which will make filth flow downwards. Most of the time this means that filth flows from your camp towards the river, but rocky outcroppings may cause it go elsewhere.
  • Rivers have a current, which can be observed when you have filth flowing into it. The filth will be taken by the current and move downriver, accumulating on the banks and eventually flowing offmap to be someone else’s problem
  • The game now tracks how many years have gone by in gametime
  • Stockpiles and farmplots can now be dismantled only partially, allowing you to use that and expansion to fine-tune them to just your liking
  • Constructions will be automatically repaired in the event that they get damaged by fighting or fire (constructions also display their condition in the sidebar now, like creatures)
  • Traits have been added. This is mostly just the framework for future things, but for now some goblins are born less prepared to meet fire, and orcs change appearance depending on if they’re fresh from the pool or if they’ve already seen some fighting.
  • A lot of new content has been added, many items, constructions, creatures and plants
  • You can now create poison antidotes, healing tonics and even chillwine to stave weariness off. Creatures will know to look for drinks and food to fix their ailments by themselves.
  • Having all your goblins and orcs die no longer throws you back into the menu straight away, you can opt to watch the carnage continue if you wish.
  • Weapons and tools now take damage as they are used, and will eventually break.
  • Creatures can be defined to spawn with equipment, so you can have elves attacked armed with bows and quivers full of arrows
  • The first trap has been added: the spiked pit. It’ll help greatly in defence, though your creatures can fall in too if they step too close, so think about where you place them.