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The Trouble with the Kalevala

Michael Halila 4 minute read

Shall I bring these songs together From the cold and frost collect them? Shall I bring this nest of boxes, Keepers of these golden legends, To the table in m...

Our Development Roadmap

Michael Halila 4 minute read

Korppi Games is very proud to present our first road map for Goblin Camp!

A World of Spirits: Finnic Shamanism

Michael Halila 5 minute read

Earlier on the blog, I talked about Finnic paganism, that is, the culture of the people whose descendants would later become the Finns. Researchers believe t...

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Happy Holidays!

Michael Halila less than 1 minute read

Happy holidays to all of you, from all of us at Korppi Games. See you next year!

Jobs, and How Your Goblins Do Them

Michael Halila 3 minute read

Jobs are a very important part of Goblin Camp; after all, they’re how everything in and around the camp gets done! That’s why managing your jobs is a key ski...

Hungry Like the Wolf

Michael Halila 3 minute read

Life in the northern forests can be dangerous. One of the first creatures that goblins are likely to encounter as a dangerous enemy is the wolf.

Stock Manager and Storage

Michael Halila 2 minute read

Today I want to introduce one of the key interface elements in Goblin Camp: the stock manager.

Devlog #2: Linear Congruential Generators

Ilkka Halila 3 minute read

There are effects that we want to apply to the whole map in Goblin Camp, such as changing seasons tile by tile or having snow gradually melt. When a season c...

Wooden Armor

Michael Halila 3 minute read

Did the ancient Finnic people use wooden armor?

The Forest

Michael Halila 4 minute read

Goblin Camp is set in a forest, and that’s no coincidence. Where Tolkien’s goblins were only really comfortable underground, and the goblins of the Warhammer...

Farming and Fertility

Michael Halila 5 minute read

We talked about farming in last month’s Devlog, and I thought I’d return to the subject from a design perspective. So I’m going to talk briefly about how far...

What is Finnic paganism?

Michael Halila 3 minute read

One of the key inspirations for Goblin Camp is Finnish or Finnic paganism. This is the ancient, pre-Christian culture of the people who would later become th...

Devlog #1: Slashing and Burning

Ilkka Halila 3 minute read

Hello, this is the first Goblin Camp devlog. We’ll post these devlogs every now and then to highlight some of the work we’ve been doing lately.

Haven’t I seen you guys before?

Michael Halila 3 minute read

You may well have! The original Goblin Camp appeared online in 2010 as a solo project by Ilkka Halila, now our CEO and CTO. Full disclosure: he is my younger...

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